What is a WIKI?
"A wiki is is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a text editor."
definition taken from Wikipedia

The best thing about using wikis for education is that they can be used collaboratively, so that anyone with access can edit the pages.
Click on the picture to see some examples carried out with my students

external image wiki_1.PNG

Diferences between a blog and a wiki:
- Normally, there is only one author of entries or posts.
- Chronological structure, beginning with the last entry.
- External links.
- Posts to be commented.
- Usually more than one author and at the same level.
- The structure can be varied and previous versions can be restored: "No fear to delete something or make mistakes"
- External and internal links.
- Any kind of content.

How to create a wiki

There are a few good sites to create a wiki, Wikispaces is perhaps the most popular one. Go there and click on
external image wiki_2.PNG

Now choose the right option and complete the fields (protected free is the best option):

external image wiki_3.PNG

PB Works is another good option http://pbworks.com/,

Have a look at this example