Using technology and the Web makes it easy to integrate and practise the 5 language skills:


Look at the words in the picture and guess which of the applications and tools can be used to improve each of the 5 skills.

Then read the following paragraphs and see if you agreed with what is said.

Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Interacting

Following we will suggest some ways of improving these skills by using ICT and the Web:

Listening: with all sort of "podcasts" and videos.

Reading: incidental reading occurs constantly when surfing and carrying out activities on the Web. Then, activities such as "treasure hunts" can be a good example on how to practise reading on the Web.

Writing: can be improved when pupils carry out any tasks where writing is required, but especially by using tools such as wikis or blogs.

Speaking: a good example can be preparing presentation using web pictures and information as well as producing podcasts.

Interacting: chatting and applications (e.g. twitter) facilitate interaction naturally.

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